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Sylvester Stallone to Star as Hitman in 'Headshot'

Sylvester Stallone will star as a New Orleans hitman who teams with a New York City cop in action pic Headshot, from IM Global and Alexandra Milchan's EMJAG Prods.

IM Global CEO Stuart Ford -- who announced the project and Stallone's casting on Sunday -- will launch Headshot to foreign buyers this week at the European Film Market in Berlin. Market runs concurrently with the Berlin Film Festival.

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JL4127d ago

I really just can not get hyped for anything involving Stallone acting. He's a horrible actor.

darklordzor4127d ago

Blasphemy! Blasphemy I say.

I don't think he's a great actor by any means, but as long as he stays type-cast his characters always seem to work. I think he does a good job for certain roles. Besides, we can't say that Rocky was a terrible movie.

JL4127d ago

No I'll admit that Rocky was a great movie. But that only worked because Stallone needed to play a slow/punchy meathead. Which is pretty much what he is in real life. Hardly makes him a good actor and doesn't exclude him from being horrible.

It's just like how Terminator doesn't exclude Arnold from being a horrible actor cause he just had to play a robotic, strong, emotionless, stiff, dull character (aka how he is in real life).

darklordzor4127d ago

All valid points sir, I just have a love for Stallone movies!

JL4127d ago

lol Fair enough. We all have our ones that probably suck but we're just drawn to them for some reason.

And I at least don't hate Stallone in all movies. Like I said, Rocky is awesome. Rambo I enjoyed.

Now Arnold on the other hand, I just flat out refuse to watch anything with him anymore. The guy irks the hell out of me.

darklordzor4127d ago

Ha! Yeah Arnold is very hard to watch, but fortunately he hasn't really done a whole lot lately. Although I will say that he did a great job in True Lies...

K3nji4127d ago

Demolition man would be my favourite Stallone movie! =D

UnSelf4127d ago

True Lies says hi. now that i think about it, that was a rly good movie, very very good actually

insomnium24126d ago

I can't get enough of the new Rambo. I think it has to be Stallones best freaking movie. The role fits him perfectly.

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Cat4127d ago

Yeah, this is another one of those "Go see Stallone as ____". Not my thing.

awiseman4127d ago

Rambo was beast.

And WOW you have a lot of bubbles!

Sunny_D4123d ago

Well, she's an Admin. She has the power!!!!!!!!!!!!

darklordzor4127d ago

I'm mostly interested in it because it's a role that's in a movie he's not doing. I love the movies he makes but it's good to see him branch out and work with other filmmakers.

JL4127d ago

I will admit I have enjoyed some of Kramer's previous work. The Cooler I liked. And Running Scared I enjoyed. Though Camon's previous movie he wrote (The Messenger) was a bit dull to me. Though I think that was more the subject matter rather than the writing.

filmfreak4127d ago

I love watching Sylvester Stallone. He is such a badass action hero. I will have to look out for this one.

Sunny_D4123d ago

Will, I be able to understand what he is saying in this one?