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James Franco as Jack Tripper?

TV Guide:
After having fun at the Sundance Film Fest with a Three's Company-themed art installation, unpredictable Oscar host and Lead Actor nominee James Franco is getting more serious about plans for his favorite '70s sitcom.

"When we were accepted to Sundance, we didn't have the series rights, but then the Three's Company estate contacted us," James reports. "At first they were opposed to it, but then they saw what we did (a startling dramatic take) and loved it. So they are now talking to us about developing a Three's Company feature film and an off-Broadway play."

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JL4127d ago

I never cared for the show, so I doubt a movie would interest me.

On that note, jesus Franco is like a machine. Does the guy ever take a breather?

darklordzor4127d ago

I like the idea of seeing more Franco in movies, he's really come into his own, but I have no interest in a 3's company movie. The show only worked in its time because it was somewhat racy, but these days it's not that odd of a situation for people to be in. Who knows, if it happens I may Netflix it just because of Franco.

Crazay4127d ago

I used to enjoy Threes Company but you're right there's no need to make a movie about it unless he actually is boning them both at the same time in which case I think that's more up Vivid's (pardon the pun) alley.

I especially wouldn't want to see a more dramatic version.