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Person of the Week: A Super Pick

FilmMattic writes: The 2011 Super Bowl is a momentous event, not merely for the two combatants on the field, but for the millions of people who tune into the yearly mega event. Arguably, the most buzzed about qualities of the Super Bowl are the obsessively watched commercial breaks. Companies dole out millions of dollars for a 30-second TV spot. In fact, a 30-second bit cost $3 million dollars. With over 50 unique commercials airing during this year's Super Bowl, the need for quality content is imperative. If a company wants to impart an indelible and resonant message with the audience, the company must creatively appeal to said audience. As a movie lover, I get giddy for the latest and greatest movie trailers. Did the creative forces that be satiate my appetite for unique and thought-provoking film trailers? Yes.

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