‘Super 8′: J.J. Abrams Reveals the Secrets of His New Film

Sitting in his Santa Monica office late last week, J. J. Abrams was the picture of a conflicted filmmaker. For months, he had guarded every detail about his upcoming movie, but now, against all of his instincts, the writer-director knew it was time to reveal the secrets of “Super 8” — or at least some of them.

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Soldierone4118d ago

I like how he creates his own little viral marketing with things he does. I think thats what made Cloverfield so much more awesome to me, yes I know he didnt direct it but it was still his baby.

Super 8 should be absolutely fantastic.

Cat4118d ago

I'm looking forward to it! Though I'm probably going to be a big cheerleader for the film since I know the kid (shown in the latest trailer). OOooooOOOoooh, stardom. ;)

Soldierone4118d ago

Do you realy?! Lucky im jealous!

Cat4118d ago

Haha, yeah, I go to the same church as Joel and his family. He was actually in L.A. visiting his older brother and tagged along for the audition, and J.J. Abrams saw him and was like, "Him." LOL (paraphrased ;) )

Crazay4118d ago

That's pretty awesome Cat. I like what Abrams does with film. He just makes things that are fun and cool to watch. I have some minor insider details about an upcoming Abrams movie but am sworn to secrecy due to an NDA I signed which will give me further access to details in the coming months.

darklordzor4118d ago

Can't wait. I'm so excited for this film, and really hope to get more information on it soon. I love the old school alien/monster movies and this definitely has that vibe.

@Cat, that's really neat that you know the kid and can relate to the movie on a different level.