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5 Movie Franchises That Need The LEGO Game Treatment

LEGO has taken some of our favorite movie franchises and turned them into fun games for the whole family. With the recent reveal that Pirates of the Caribbean would soon be joining the building block games, TMP got to thinking about the other movie series that should be given the LEGO treatment.

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Soldierone3882d ago

My brother loves these games, but he is also 5 lol. I dont think i really agree with this list.

In a sense seeing this stuff in Lego's would be totally awesome. However you have to realize what the target audience is. Right there you can throw out Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park. If your gonna do Dinosaurs you will have to pick another franchise, perhaps something more comical.

Spiderman and Pirates I fully agree with as those can be Legolized real easy and still be kid friendly.

darklordzor3882d ago

Kid friendly was partly the point. While I love those movies, I can't exactly share them with my kiddo. So putting the story into a lego form (which really wouldn't be that hard to tone down) would allow us to enjoy them together.

JL3882d ago

I don't know, I wouldn't mind seeing a LotR Lego game or a Jurassic Park one. Spiderman and Pirates could definitely do well. The Terminator and Matrix I don't think would transition well.

Now they need to do a movie adaptation of one of the Lego games. lol

darklordzor3882d ago

I think LotR LEGO would be amazing. If you've seen the screenshots for the new LEGO Star Wars game you can see they've packed in a ton of enemies on screen for the battle of Geonosis. Imagine the epic battles of Middle-Earth in LEGO form....It would be so sweet to wade through hundreds of orc enemies and watch them fall apart brick-by-brick.

darklordzor3882d ago

I love the Lego games. I'm an adult and I still find plenty of enjoyment out of them. My kid loves watching them, and that's a big part of it for me. All things are great in Lego form!

hazelamy3881d ago

tron lego, come on, a lego light cyle? that would be cool.

Sunny_D3877d ago

I wouldn't mind a Jaws lego game or maybe even a Godfather legos. Oh wait, it has to E rated. NVM.