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Gnomeo And Juliet Review - WGTC

This animated family film about two star-crossed lovers, who happen to be adorable garden gnomes, has some clever nods to Shakespeare and even some very grown-up movie references. However, as good as some of the elements are separately, as a whole the film felt like a shallow parody.

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Soldierone4254d ago

I know absolutely nothing about this movie thanks to the poor marketing team behind it. So my GF and I have been sitting here wondering if we want to see it or not, this review pretty much secured the deal of not wasting theater tickets on it.

JL4254d ago

lol My girlfriend keeps hinting at me that she maybe wants me to take her to this one as well. We've been seeing the trailer for it play for a while now on the TVs in the theater lobby. I just haven't seen anything about this that draws me in though.

I think we'll probably go with The Mechanic or No Strings Attached tonight instead. Anything else worth seeing at the theater, I've already seen.

darklordzor4253d ago

Yeah, don't let her talk you into seeing bad movies...that's how I ended up going to Sex and the City 2....

JL4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

lol She actually made it clear to me last night that she didn't in fact want to see it and she had just been joking around before.

Did go see No Strings Attached instead. Wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

lol Forget Sex and the City 2 though. Luckily for me my girl isn't THAT girlie. She's actually got fairly good taste in movies for the most part.

darklordzor4254d ago

Yeah the marketing for this film has seemed to be non-existent. We didn't start seeing trailers or footage for it until a few weeks before releasing. Not impressed and going to pass on this for sure.

Sunny_D4254d ago

Man, are CGI movies getting worse and worse as the years go by? Especially from Dreamworks. Maybe except for Kung Fu panda.