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Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer

Here's the Super Bowl ad for Captain America as posted on Yahoo Movies.

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Crazay4203d ago

This looked great. The visuals of him before the super soldier serum was administered looked crazy good. He was so thin in those scenes.

Sunny_D4203d ago

I think it was another actor, no? Anyways, this was much more exciting than the Thor trailer.

Crazay4203d ago

I whole-heartedly disagree with you sir. I thought the Thor Trailer was far better.

Soldierone4203d ago

To be honest the Thor trailer made me not want to see it lol, but personally it was better done than this. Which yeah, to say I was sad would be saying the bare minimum.

darklordzor4202d ago

I didn't care for the Thor trailer. Honestly I didn't care for the full Thor trailer we got a couple months ago either. Nothing about Thor is looking good to me. I'm starting to change my mind on Captain America though. It's starting to look really good.

UnSelf4202d ago

how the hell is the Human Torch Captain America? O_o

Sunny_D4202d ago

Lol, I guess that means if they were to ever do a Marvel movie, they would have to have another actor for the Human Torch. If Captain America and the Fantastic Four meet.

CobraKai4202d ago

The same way Deadpool is the Green Lantern. Jk. They're gonna reboot Fantastic Four from what I heard.

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JL4203d ago

Yea I'm pretty sure that was another actor in there before the serum was administered.

I will admit though, this got me slightly more interested in the movie.

By the way, that Thor trailer was nothing we haven't already seen like two months ago.

Crazay4203d ago

I'm pretty sure that was Chris Evans just with makeup and some digital trickery.

MastaMold4203d ago

Dont know yet need longer trailer

morkendo234203d ago

a guy with motorcycle helmet and u call him capt. am yeah right, haaaahaaaaa

Soldierone4203d ago

Wasn't impressed with this trailer at all. It barely showed anything, and we hardly got to see him in action with all the cuts.

That and it mimicked Iron Man almost scene for scene in my opinion, which made me lose interest.

Sunny_D4202d ago

Lol, man I can't wait to see Iron man and him both teaming up in the Avengers movie. Tony's humor should complement the captain's seriousness.

creamsoda4203d ago

Yeah looks like they put Evans face on some skinny dude, Hollywood is too fake these days to do method acting.

kookie4203d ago

the actor does not fit captain america

Crazay4203d ago

What makes him a poor fit for the role? Chris Evans is in incredible shape and he's got the "All-American" look. This is some very good casting.

Sunny_D4202d ago

He really is in good shape. I mean did you see his chest??? Damn, I'm jealous... But, I heard that he might have juiced for the movie role.

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The story is too old to be commented.