SuperBowl Ads

RiHD says:

As I'm sure you ALL know, today is the Superbowl and while many are anticipating the game, there are many others who prefer to watch the Ads. Yes the one time of year when people actually stay tuned to watch the ads in here. I won't be reviewing all of them, I'm going to be posting all of the ads related to movies. Captain America, Super 8 and everything in between. I got my Pizza, Beer and Wings ready to go.

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Sunny_D4256d ago

So far the ads have been lackluster. But, the movie trailers are awesome. Especially, the new Megan Fox. :0

Crazay4256d ago

I'm really digging the movie ads. Sadly here in Canada we don't get the proper ads so I'm fumbling through the internet trying to see all the good ones.

rockleex4254d ago

This year's Superbowl ads were lame except one or two.

JL4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

lol Captain Jack Sparrow is so awesome.

What in the world was with the happy-moment, E.T. theme song sounding music for the Super 8 spot?

Soldierone4255d ago

I saw that too. First thought in my mind "what Disney movie is this?" then it started getting creepy and it was like WTF??? Haha

Its gonna be so awesome, the trailer proves it.

Crazay4255d ago

I really think that Super 8 is going to be one of those "special movies" that doesn't come around very often. It's high on my list of must see for the year.

Soldierone4255d ago

I didn't really like the ads, nothing too out of this world at all.

However Fast Five....AND SUPER 8! Got my attention big time.

Pirates was just an extended version of what we already had, so it wasn't too exciting.

Crazay4255d ago

When I heard they were reuniting the original cast from the original I groaned but this trailer made me take notice. I'm actually midly interested in this movie.

darklordzor4255d ago

Overall, they were pretty good this time around. I was hoping for more of the funny commercials though. While some had me cracking up, I don't think most of them did a good job of it. All of the movie ones were pretty good, although I wish they had been longer than 30 seconds.

Crazay4255d ago

Agreed but at 2 Million(?) for every 30 seconds that's a lot of cheddar.

Soldierone4255d ago

Im suprised some of the companies held out for the ad spots. I was seeing ads for small companies that never play ads on TV ever lol.

Was it me or was it more about visually good commercials rather than funny commercials. The car ones were not funny at all, Chevy attempted it, but still missed. Yet Dodge and Ford didnt even try.

Crazay4255d ago

I haven't really seen any of the commercials aside from the movies because in Canada we don't get all those fancy commercials. Instead we get to see ads for poorly produced Canadian programming and Subway ads.

Sunny_D4255d ago

Actually it's 3 million for 30 seconds. Jeez!