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Dark Knight Rises Producer on Bane

IGN: Director Christopher Nolan appeared Friday at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood for a special screening and Q&A session (with Guillermo del Toro no less) for the 10th anniversary (and impending Blu-ray release) of his sophomore film, Memento. Although we were forbidden to ask Nolan about The Dark Knight Rises, his wife and producing partner Emma Thomas wasn't part of that publicist-required arrangement.

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darklordzor3883d ago

Nothing too interesting here. I'm sure at some point Bane will wear his trademark mask, if only for a brief moment. That way fans are happy that it's in there, but it won't seem too weird.

Soldierone3882d ago

So is Batman actually going to die in this film? I think it would be the absolute only way this film will overtake The Dark Knight.

Sunny_D3882d ago

Maybe or the police will, unless they stop thinking of him as a criminal.

JL3882d ago

I think it would be awesome if Batman dies. Or at least let Bane break Batman's back.