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FilmMattic writes: Just so you can more intricately understand my film sensibilities, I am formulating a uniquely personalized list. It will afford you a glimpse into my favorites across the vast universe of film. Please do not confuse this with any best of list, as these selections are born from personal and purely subjective impressions. If I were to construct a list of the best films/categories, it would significantly differ from this list. Such an undertaking would require much more reasoned and sophisticated thought. I will reserve that list for a time, far far away.
These categories are mostly generic, but I will elucidate on some of my choices. I do not want this to be a bland listing. Without further ado, let's jump right into it! (This list is subject to periodic updates as I add new categories).

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Crazay4123d ago

I have still yet to see The Godfather.

Sunny_D4121d ago

Please, tell me you are kidding? The Godfather is probably one of the, if not the greatest movie trilogies of all time. This reminds of Family Guy.

Crazay4121d ago

I promise you. I have never seen the Godfather. I don't know why it's never appealed to me for some reason but Goodfellas is my favorite Mafia flick followed by The Departed.

Sunny_D4121d ago

Yup those movies are wonderful, but your collection can' be complete without the Godfathers.

filmmattic4121d ago

@ Sunny_D

Nodding my head in complete agreement!

@ Crazay

Funny you say Goodfellas is your favorite. It happens to be on TV right now. All I have to say in the voice of Joe Pesci, "funny how." What an awesome movie!

filmmattic4122d ago

Really!? One of my friends lived 20 plus years before discovering this gem. I forced him to watch...and he has not stopped thanking me. This is a masterpiece. I suggest you netflix it (I think you won the 6 mos *1 dvd package). Put this film at the top of your queue. You will be thanking me soon enough!

Crazay4122d ago

Well I'm now 32 and I still haven't seen it sir. I did win Netflix but here in Canada, there is no DVD rental - Only digital delivery. Also, our download offeri9ngs are a fraction of what's available in the US and The Godfather is not available on our system.

4122d ago
JL4122d ago

Unless you just already have an ongoing Netflix subscription or the gift certificate we gave you for the contest has an expiration date, I might suggest waiting just a bit before cashing that in (unless you already have). I know Netflix are actively working to try to beef up the Canadian selection quickly.

And yes, I too would also recommend definitely seeing The Godfather when you can get around to it.

Crazay4122d ago

Ya I already have an active account setup and I use it almost daily. I'll just cash in the Netflix GC and save the $8 for the next 6 months. It's perfect.