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Who Should Play Lois Lane in The Man of Steel?

Regardless of what you may think of the casting of “The Tudors” actor Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman in Zack Snyder‘s reboot of the iconic hero, it is now time for us to take a look at who will play the Man Of Steel’s perennial love interest, plucky reporter Lois Lane.

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darklordzor4253d ago

Well, if the new reports are to be believed, then this article doesn't really matter anymore. If Lois Lane isn't in the film anymore, or only has a very small part then it shouldn't matter as much.

JL4253d ago

I don't know if I'd believe any reports like that. As far as I can tell that stuff appears to be nothing more than "ooh, they're casting a different woman too...let's run wild with that information and lead it to the point she's completely pushing Lois out" type stuff.

I just can't see Superman without Lois. And in a fairly significant role at that. Possibility for a love triangle? Likely. Possibility for Lois Lane to be pushed to a menial role at best? I'd say fairly unlikely.

Soldierone4252d ago

I think the reports are more so saying the focus isn't on here like the past films were. If you watch all the Superman films, they all focused on the love between the too to push the story further.

Meanwhile stories like Doomsday and what not focus more on Superman as Superman, and not Clark Kent. It could also focus a lot more on the villian, which hopefully isn't Lex Luthor....again.

JL4252d ago

The original rumor was that General Zod would be the intended villain rather than Lex.

JL4253d ago

I'm actually not too opposed to the idea of Olivia Wilde. She might be able to do well with that. The more and more I think about it though, I'm starting to hate the idea of Biel as Lois.

As for the top choice though, spot on for me. Rachel McAdams would be absolute amazing as Lois Lane I think.