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Even More Spider-Man Pics

RiHD says:

They sure aren’t doing a very good job at keeping this guy under wraps are they? Here’s a few more pics from the set of the new Spider-Man reboot.

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Crazay4253d ago

I really wish that Sony would release some proper official images of the full costume. I really like the spy shots but they're just not revealing enough of the finer details about the suit.

Soldierone4252d ago

Me too, kinda suprised how they are letting this all leak out but are not releasing actual licensed pictures.

Sunny_D4253d ago

Okay, the more I see the costume, the more I hate it. He looks so retarded with those shoes. And the design is so uneven to me. Plus, he seems like he has a beer belly.

Quagmire4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )


You obviously don't know much about film-making do you?

Those Shoes are to protect the soles of the costume, that stuff is fragile, and when he is constantly running and climbing things, you wouldnt want the soles of the costume to get ripped, do you? Ofc it wont show in the final film, possibly through editing or CGI or maybe he only wears it off screen.

Also, the guy is different because he's the stunt double, probably some 30-40 year old man. SpiderMan is a teenager, so ofc he wont have a beer belly, and it will be a seemless transition through the use of editing again.

And, in general, I dont dig this new SpiderMan direction compared to Sam Raimi's, however only time will tell.

xVeZx4252d ago

im not diggin the suit

Soldierone4252d ago

Oh man enough of this suit, keep taking pictures of the other suit. I hate this one.

Crazay4252d ago

Alright Soldier - I think we've had enough opportunity to banter a little bit and we've spent a fair amount of time jabbering BS on here.

Please explain to me what the big problem is. I think the costume looks fine. It's red and blue. Even has the Spider on the back and the front PLUS it has the web slingers. Tell me what the hate is all about dude.

Sunny_D4251d ago

Main reason: It's fugly.
It's also uneven
It's retarded.
I guess I covered the points.

Crazay4251d ago

None of that tells me anything in any detail Sunny. You say it's "uneven" in what respect and how? Retarded and Fugly are hardly reasons that even have any merit. I'd expect better from you than that bro. Explain to me what makes the costume so bad?

I personally can't see anything wrong with it and I want to know precisely what is so wrong with it.