Jesse McCartney To Star In 'Locke & Key'

Deadline says:

After an exhaustive search, actor-singer Jesse McCartney just landed the final role on Fox's drama pilot Locke & Key. He will play Ty, the eldest of the Locke children. It is a key role in the project (pun intended) as it is considered the male lead on the show.

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Crazay4122d ago

This is awesome. I had no idea they were looking to make a series of Locke and Key. Funny that there's been so much talk about new found love for all things Stephen King lately and now we see news of Joe Hill's (Stephen King's son) comic getting a series.

If only they'd make a movie of his incredible book Heart Shaped Box.

Soldierone4121d ago

Heart Shaped Box has something doesn't it? I just cant put my finger on what it is.

Ive heard a lot of great things about Locke and Key, but never got around to reading it.

JL4121d ago

Heart-Shaped Box got bought up by Warner Bros late last year. They're working on making it into a movie. Pretty sure they even have a director and writer for the movie. I don't remember the details though.

Crazay4121d ago

Oh ya! Heart shaped Box was great. Very reminiscent of his fathers older work which is actually the feel and sense I've started to get reading Kings new work too. He's gone back to his roots and I'm enjoying his books more now then ever.

Sunny_D4120d ago

Lol who? I remember when he was the Justin Beiber a few years ago. Except he actually looked like his age.

JL4120d ago

Well you're doing better than me at least. I've never even heard of this kid lol