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Can a Wonder Woman TV Series Work?

Player Affinity writes: "NBC has green lit a Wonder Woman show to air sometime in the next year, but was this the right decision? Can Wonder Woman really impact the small screen again? Let’s look at the following points and see if she can"

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Cat4125d ago

I think the biggest obstacle is that America is no longer a Flash Gordon type audience - which is related to why I think Superman movies are suffering from an identity crisis. We're a Batman country now, we want more dark in our light.

Sunny_D4125d ago

Lol, so true. I love Batman because of the darkness. The happy type, pure type heroes worked in the 20th century. But, I guess now people want to see a hero with flaws and a mysterious ego along with them.

JL4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Agreed Cat. I think we've made a shift as society. We've definitely moved from the "wholesome" society/preference of like the 40's. We've gone from not so much wanting heroes, but rather wanting antiheroes. This is why the darker, more troubled ones (like Batman) seem to be of more interest to us as a society.

That being said, I think they could do Wonder Woman. It would just involve changing her up some. I mean look at Batman of the 60's TV show as compared to Nolan's Batman. Huge transformation really. Granted the Batman character better lends to a darker transition. But it's not so much the dark tone we look for, but rather the flawed, edgy antihero that's down-to-earth and real, not just the perfect Captain Noble.

Give Wonder Woman some edge like that and give her that side that makes her an antihero and it could work. In fact, if done right, I think it could be huge (but it would have to be done REALLY right). Cause if you think about it, more and more these days females are getting into things like comic books and openly enjoy stuff like this. Wonder Woman would give these masses of females a superhero of their own to look up to and identify with and admire.

Soldierone4124d ago

Haha we are saying pretty much the same thing!

Glad Im not the only one feeling this potential. I just hope the studio see's it too.

xVeZx4125d ago

wonder woman is just as boring as superman....why does anybody even like superman hes so god dam boring...

Sunny_D4125d ago

Well, it depends on the audience they target. Some people like the superhero that stands for all the things a hero should stand for. Like Justice, kindness, and savior. But, some people like the dark heroes like I mentioned above.

Soldierone4125d ago

It needs a twist for it to work. The standard princess beating up people wont work anymore.

They need to make her way more down to earth, change her back story a little bit, and make it a little darker. It needs to be more about the character under the mask, now so much outside of the costume, She also needs to work that into everyday life.

Sunny_D4125d ago

What will make her series get any amount of views, is if she wears a really hot costume that exposes her assets quite nicely. This is sadly the only way women superhero movies can gain any fame.

JL4124d ago

I disagree Sunny. I think with good writing, a good story, exciting action, etc, a female superhero could totally work. See my comment above.

For instance, I think I'm in the minority here, but I actually liked Elektra well enough. And it really had nothing to do with Garner being hot. I mean, granted don't give me Blubberella lol, she needs to be moderately attractive. Much like Cat likes her Superman to be attractive lol. But I'm not tuning in just for T&A.

Soldierone4124d ago

Attractiveness will be a huge plus, but she doesn't need to be walking around nearly naked to pull it off. She can be sexy wearing clothes too, just by the way she acts.

Like I said make it a little bit "darker" and down to earth. Give her an attitude, this alone will make her sexy. She cant be the Wonder Woman we all know, it wont work. it has to be something totally differnt, but still have the Wonder Woman roots.

Kinda like how Nolan made all of Batmans stuff more modern, more cool looking, and less comical. He made the Batsuit cool, not stupid. He works with Bruce Wayne and ties that personality into Batman.