Top 10 Water Movies: These Films Will Get You Wet

Player Affinity writes: "It's always been a delicate balance when it comes to humans and water. H2O makes up a majority of our biological structure, feeds us, quenches our thirst, keeps us clean and -- in some instances, as listed below -- can rip us to small, bloody pieces. Alright, maybe not quite literally, but things in the water definitely can. With the upcoming film Sanctum, in which several cave divers get trapped in a flooding cavern, Player Affinity wishes to take pause and think of the various films where water serves as a key theme/setting/scare factor for people that can't swim...landlubbers."

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Sunny_D4128d ago

I think my favorite part in Deep Blue Sea is when Samuel L Jackson got eaten.:p I even liked the movie more than all of the jaws except part 1. And also, yup I love the Pirates movies.

JL4128d ago

Deep Blue Sea over Jaws movies? Deep Blue Sea was absolutely horrible. I hated that movie.

As for this list, sorry but nothing tops Jaws in a category like this. Not even The Abyss (even if I did enjoy that movie).