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No Tron 3 Teaser Trailer on the Tron: Legacy Blu-ray/DVD; Plus 5-Disc Combo Cover Art Revealed

From Collider:

Over the past month, we’ve heard a lot of rumors that Disney will be including a Tron 3 teaser trailer on the upcoming Tron: Legacy Blu-ray/DVD. I’m a huge Tron nerd and would have loved to have seen this come true, but sources have told me that the rumors are false. There isn’t a teaser trailer, trailer, or mention of a Tron 3 on the Blu-ray/DVD.

However, while we won’t be getting a teaser trailer, fans of Tron have plenty of reasons to be excited for Legacy’s home video release. That’s because the same sources have confirmed earlier reports that the Blu-ray is loaded with awesome extras that will expand the story of Tron: Legacy.

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MrMyers4124d ago

This looks awesome! I'm going to have to get this maybe. The movie was kick ass. I'm still fuming that Daft Punk got snubbed for the Oscars.

darklordzor4124d ago

Meh, the boxset does look very cool, but I'm going to end up passing on it. I just couldn't stand the movie, but I like all of the bonus features and stuff like that. I'll have to borrow it for a friend just to watch those bonuses.

Soldierone4124d ago

Bonus stuff seems pretty cool, especially for Tron fans, but not me. Ive explained before why im not too fond of this movie, but what can you do?