Jackson Confirms Nick Fury Cameos for Thor, Captain America Movies

Mania says:

While we know that Samuel L. Jackson has negotiated himself a good deal with a number of cameos for various Marvel Studios properties, it wasn't a hundred percent confirmed that we'd see him in either Thor or Captain America. Fans know that the history of Nick Fury is one that does take him back quite a few decades and we saw hints of that in Iron Man 2 as well that they'll be including it in some form.

Check the video below for the main man himself speaking about it all.

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Crazay4129d ago

I think we all saw this coming - Anyone out there know if there's an actual "Nick Fury" movie in the works somewhere?

darklordzor4129d ago

I certainly hope not. He's a good connector piece but that's about it. I don't think he'd do well on his own.

Crazay4129d ago

I really don't know much about Nick Fury - I was a Spider-Man and Superman kinda guy as a kid. There were a few other comics I used to read periodically but not as often.

Soldierone4129d ago

I dont think its strong enough unless Marvel ever finally decides to support Punisher for once. We know that won't happen anytime soon, so I doubt it.

Sunny_D4129d ago

Please NO! Nick Fury is not an interesting character to make a whole movie about. We need real comic book superhero movies. One thing I always wondered though was if they would ever add Blade with the new Marvel movies.

Crazay4128d ago

I didn't mind the Punisher movies. I thought the most recent one was action packed and full of bloody violence which is really what Frank Castle is all about.

Sunny_D4128d ago

To tell you the truth, I liked the 2004 Punisher more than the newest one. For some reason, that movie had a better plot. Plus, the villain was John Travolta.

darklordzor4129d ago

This is just another attempt for Jackson to be in every movie ever...but I'm okay with that.

Soldierone4129d ago

I always like Nick Furry alongside Punisher, but thats it. I don't like how Jackson is playing him because he portrays him almost the complete opposite of how i pictured him.

On his own he doesnt really have a story, but wasnt Captain America the leader of all the Avengers? So why is Nick Furry the one setting it all up?

Crazay4128d ago

"I don't like how Jackson is playing him because he portrays him almost the complete opposite of how i pictured him."
Not a middle aged white guy? Isn't that what Nick Fury used to be? Not that I actually care because I think Fury is a more tertiary character but when did they decide to change his ethnicity?

ceedubya94128d ago

They are using the Ultimate Universe version of Fury for these films (Ultimates, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate everything). In those comics, Fury was drawn to look like SLJ, so if you're going to go with the Ultimate look, might as well go straight to the source that was used as inspiration.

They could have asked Hasselhoff to do it again :).

Djinn4128d ago

God, this really pisses me off. Nick Fury is suppossed to be white, not black. WTF was Marvel thinking? Stupid idiots. And before some asshat, tries to get smart. Yes, I know who ultimate Nick Fury is. 616 Nick Fury has been around for 50 years and they decide to use some idiot Mark Millar created? Stupid Marvel.

smashman984128d ago ShowReplies(2)
Sunny_D4128d ago

Alright, I'm going to say it. You're RACIST!!!!!!!!!

Lol, nah but I really don't care what ethnicity he is. As long as he isn't asian. ;p

GodsHand4128d ago

David Hasselhoff was Nick Fury once, in a full length movie.