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Stewart For Snow White & The Huntsman?

Empire says:

This week clearly been designated News About The Competing Snow White Projects Week, with word on Toy Story 3’s Michael Arndt working on Disney’s Snow And The Seven, and today’s other big story, about Julia Roberts entering talks to join the Tarsem Singh take on Snow White. And now, confirming earlier chatter, Kristen Stewart has entered formal negotiations to play the heroine in Snow White and the Huntsman.

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Sunny_D4127d ago

I don't think she fits in the role for Snow White. Snow White was a cheerful, happy go lucky girl. Stewart seems odd, quiet, and not a person you would think of as cheerful.

JL4127d ago

There are actually different versions of the story, including different tones, etc. The cheerful, happy-go-lucky thing is just how she's commonly perceived due to Disney. That's just Disney's interpretation of it all.

I could see Stewart for Snow White (if she dies her hair black--for the love of god whoever gets the role better have black hair in the movie). Though honestly, I would've seen her being better suited for the other Snow White movie that's being modeled more after Brothers Grimm. Set to have a darker tone. Then again, reading the synopsis for this one, it does seem they're looking to go more gritty and "mature". Thus, she could possibly work.

Crazay4126d ago

I don't have a problem with Kristen Stewart as an actress but she really is becoming quite typecast as an "Emo" girl who should only be cast in roles similar to that of the Twilight series.

Cat4126d ago

Yeah, I like to give the Twilight cast a free pass and say it's script not acting that's the problem, so she could definitely work for a non-Disney Snow White. Though if the lip-biting-and-sighing thing really is her "Smell the fart" good! :P

Crazay4126d ago

BAHHAHAH - Cat is killer. I think she's onto something though. The Twilight series is pure cheese.

Sunny_D4126d ago

Lololol, I laughed so hard Cat. But, speaking of Twilight, has anybody seen. Vampire movie? It's really a funny parody of Twilight. I thought it was quite funny. But, Twilight ruined what vampires should be about. sigh.

JL4126d ago

Vampires Suck? Nope. Looks stupid. After their previous 1,000 failed (horribly stupid) attempts at parody, I've written those guys off. I won't watch anything by them anymore.

Sunny_D4125d ago

Yeah, after giving it a glance. I don't know what I was smoking when I typed that. The movies do suck. I guess I was in a really really good mood.