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Home & Theater: Bridesmaids Trailer Breakdown

David Weaver from Home And Theater writes: This coming summer movie lineup just got a whole lot brighter. I had heard about Bridesmaids from other news sites in the past few months but hardly knew anything about it until now. The trailer was just released yesterday (meaning you will start seeing it in theaters this coming weekend) and after watching it I couldn't be more excited for it. This is a feature film sophmore effort from director Paul Feig whoms other film is better left not mentioned. You will see the name Judd Apatow and other films he has been involved with such as Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin tossed around liberally in this films advertisements. And let's not forget this is the first film in a very long time to have such a large cast of women as the primary actors in a comedy, which is something to be celebrated all on its own due to its rarity (most all female casts are in dramas). While those are all noteworthy points to make I believe this film has got a lot mor...

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