'Pet Sematary' Looks to Rise Again

Steven Zeitchik from LA Times says:

After more than 20 years, "Fletch" may be on his way back to the big screen, with Warner Bros. announcing Tuesday that it had acquired movie rights to the series of Gregory McDonald's mysteries. It will go about re-imagining -- God bless -- the character of the wisecracking reporter that Chevy Chase made famous in two original films (though with no writers, directors or actors so far, don't discard that DVD from your collection just yet).

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Crazay4129d ago

This is one of the classic King books I never took the time to read. I'd be interested in seeing a different take on it after I actually read the story.

darklordzor4129d ago

Glad to see Hollywood once again taking an interest in Stephen King books, but I'm not so sure about this one. It could be interesting, but with so many other books of his begging for an adaptation, why rehash ones that have been done?

Sunny_D4129d ago

I love Stephen King! His Shining movie will not be topped! But, the more Stephen King movies, the merrier!

_Q_4129d ago

Ugh worse SK movie ever! I cant wait for the Stand. I read the extended version of that book. Soo good...

MrMyers4129d ago

Nah the worst is Sleepwalkers

JL4129d ago

Honestly, if they're going to remake one, I'd like to see them remake It or Cujo. Pet Sematary might not be so bad.

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