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FilmMattic Person of the Week: Henry Cavill

FilmMattic writes: The SAG awards may have aired this past Sunday, but the award show has no bearing on my "Person of the Week" segment. After all, the SAG awards were far too predictable and the almighty Oscars are just around the corner. Instead, a more curious development materialized. This development consists of an iconic film character and an actor who, if given a second career path, would join the army. The character I am referring to is the hero who dons the immortal "S" shield, Superman, while the actor I am referencing is none other than British Actor, Henry Cavill. Once known as the "most unlucky man in Hollywood," Cavill will inherit the legendary comic book superhero personage. Consequently, he will also inherit my "Person of the Week" title.

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Sunny_D4124d ago

Well, not like I care. But, if Henry Cavill can prove he's worthy to wear the red cape, then maybe it will be worth a watch.

filmmattic4124d ago

Sunny, I think he's got the acting pedigree to pull it off. Although, I was at first dismayed by the prospect of handing another Americanized superhero role over to a Brit, I am now intrigued to see him get the job done. I am familiar with his work on The Tudors and he no doubt has the performance and charismatic quality necessary for Superman.

JL4124d ago

I actually found that part funny about Cavill's casting. People seemed rather up in arms about him being British (not that I'm trying to lump you into that crowd Matt). But here you have Batman and Spider-Man also being played by Brits, and I have never heard a word of despair about those.

Crazay4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Ya I'm not one of the people who actually cares about where Cavill is from and the fact that he's a Brit. Big deal. If the man can pull off a good Superman, then you can call me a fan. I've never seen any of his body of work but I'm open to this guy becoming my favorite Superhero. He just needs to bulk up to say... Gerard Bulter or Chris Hemsworth size.

Whoooop4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

I personally find the whole actor/character nationality irrelevant.

I don't care who the hell portrays a character as long as he can get the job done. Of course the accent is very important, but that's hardly an issue.

The only character that I truly believe should stay true is James Bond.

Anything else, I can manage easily.

darklordzor4123d ago

I don't care where he comes from as long as he does a good job. I mean, we've got Daniel Day-Lewis set to play Abraham Lincoln, an American President, and he's from London. No one seems upset about that.

filmmattic4123d ago

Yup, exactly my point. I read an article from a person deriding Cavill's candidacy for Superman because he was not American. Then, the guy had the audacity to undermine Bale's performance as Batman. The level of ignorance and naivete never ceases to amaze me.

The bottom line is Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill are primed to deliver a superb Superman film. The guy's country of origin is irrelevant.

Whoooop4123d ago

@ filmmattic

Nice little blog you have there... Keep it up.

filmmattic4123d ago

Thanks! I appreciate the support!