Tron Legacy 3D Blu-ray SteelBook Release

John writes: Germany pumps out the steelbooks, and no different is it for the upcoming Tron Legacy 3d release. On June 1st they are set to release the Disney 3d edition housed with the 2d disc as well in lovely blu-ray steelbook form. The steelbook is currently showing a price tag of 33 Euros, and we have an on-going group buy for those in the States looking to import it at a cheaper cost. (located in the forums)

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Quagmire4130d ago

Mmmm...the cover looks horrible, but Tron is meant for EVERY BD fan collection.

Consider a copy sold!

Sunny_D4129d ago

Hmmm, I might watch Tron if I ever get around getting it on Net flix.

JL4129d ago

Yea I'm the same. Nothing about Tron: Legacy really excited me enough to want to rush out and get it. At best it will be one I just get though Netflix if I can squeeze it in to my already overflowing queue sometime.