NBC Pulls Out its Scissors and Cuts its New Superhero Drama 'The Cape' Back to 10 Episodes

Hercules from AICN says:

“The Cape,” NBC’s superhero successor to “Heroes,” looks like it’ll be lucky to outlast “Smallville.”

The new series fell Monday for the fourth straight week, to a 1.5 in adults 18-49. That puts it below such Monday basic-cable fare as “WWE Raw” and “American Pickers” and makes it the lowest-rating Monday-night series on the Big Four broadcast networks.

NBC reacted by cutting its first-season order from 13 to 10 episodes.

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Crazay4124d ago

I predict an impending doom for this show. Not that I didn't see it coming last summer when I saw the promo spots for it.

Sunny_D4123d ago

I never heard of this show until now.

Soldierone4123d ago

Hmmm, perhaps NBC could have faith in the show a little bit and advertise it. I personally didn't even know it existed....meanwhile FOX has a bunch of crap that I had to check out because of their advertising.

Crazay4123d ago

Fox is more than a little guilty about effing up shows. Case in point - The Family Guy (albeit that's in the past), Terminator: TSCC, Fringe, and no doubt many many more to come.

Sunny_D4123d ago

Hmmm, it doesn't even look that good to tell you the truth. Maybe, Nbc knew it wouldn't do good and thus they pulled it.

xVeZx4123d ago

still cant believe they canceled firefly....

Soldierone4123d ago

It doesn't look good, and it shows NBC didnt really care. It was more so the concept to see if Smallville people would come over at all.

Im just saying NBC had this brand new show that would of interested me and I had absolutely no idea it even existed at all.

Crazay4123d ago

I find that interesting that so many on here claim they had no idea the show even existed. I've seen plenty of ads for the show and I really don't even spend too much time watching actual TV.

Soldierone4122d ago

I don't watch NBC often, and honestly have not seen one ad for it. I havent seen anyone from the cast appear as a guest on Conan or Lopez, i saw nothing.

Meanwhile I see FOX shows, CBS shows, etc...advertised everywhere, not just on their channel either.

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darklordzor4122d ago

I've watched it a few times and didn't think it was that bad. It's not great by any means, but it seems like it could have potential if someone finessed it a little bit and gave it attention.