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“She Looks Phenomenal in the Wardrobe” – Wally Pfister on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Bleeding Cool says:

Kevin McCarthy of Washington DC’s Kevin and Josh Movie Show this week had a good long chat with Wally Pfister, Chris Nolan’s regular cinematographer, and I was lucky enough to be invited to join in and ask a few questions of my own.

You may have taken part in the protest yourself, but in case you missed it, there was a lot of disappointment last week after Chris Nolan failed to receive a best director nomination from the Academy. Of course, Pfister and McCarthy shared in those feelings of confusion and dismay, and that’s where this conversation starts, before going on to discuss several Inception talking points, and the current state of play with The Dark Knight Rises.

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Crazay3886d ago

Perhaps this answers the question as to wether or not we're going to see Catwoman or just Selina.

JL3886d ago

Perhaps it does. Let's at least say it makes me feel less certain about my previous assumption that we wouldn't be seeing Catwoman. I don't know.

This was a good listen, though. Wally seems like such a cool guy. Hearing him talk too just makes you wanna respect Nolan even more as well.

Crazay3886d ago

He does -= the man knows his craft that's for sure. I still hope that she only has a very tertiary role in this movie.

JL3886d ago

Agreed. He's a genius filmmaker I think. And I love what a close knit "family" type thing they have going on over there with the way Wally talks about it all.

I also agree on the Catwoman thing. I just don't want to see her that much. Hopefully if she appears it will be a minor thing.

Of course, I know I'll be disappointed if I find out she is in it a lot. But I also have faith that Nolan will end up pulling it off in such a way that I love it. When I heard Wally say there how he read the script and that Nolan has pretty much outdone himself this time, that just made me giddy inside ready to see this lol

Crazay3886d ago

FOr sure - it's encouraging but how many times do you think a team this close is ever going to make a comment like "I just read the script and it's not his best work but we can deal" ? =)

JL3886d ago

lol You do have a point. But then again, I mean he sounds so real in the interview. Like how he was talking about Nolan just would've turned the project down if he didn't feel he could top TDK. And he just sounded genuine when he said that whole thing about the script. Rather than some PR "it's good, we'll just have to wait and see" type of response. He sounded genuinely excited about it.

But you are right. I wouldn't expect a "eh, it's kinda crap" response lol.

Sunny_D3886d ago

I'm pretty sure the wardrobe for the Batman movie are always top notch. He made Batman's suit look so badass and Joker's as well.

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KonohagakureFC3886d ago

I for one think Anne would look smokin' in a leather catwoman suit, with maybe a whip or something I dunno... she may not be the best actress in the world but I think she fits this role perfectly.. Meow

Crazay3886d ago

She does have a banging body and yes that is part of what makes Catwoman but I'm not a fan of her body of work. She would look good in the outfit.

KonohagakureFC3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Thats why I think this is perfect for her, I havent really seen her in any movies as a 'badgirl' type character and I think she could pull it off

Cat3886d ago

Yeah, this headline was a bit of a "duh", lol! :)

Sunny_D3886d ago

Cat, you likey likey Anne?? ;)

Cat3886d ago

I'm gonna get quite the rep on FilmWatch!! ;)

She's a beautiful woman, so "She looks phenomenal in the wardrobe" is funny to me. Well, no poop, put her in a giant paper bag and she'll still be beautiful!

Soldierone3886d ago

Actually seeing her in the suit would ease the pain. Hopefully the suit has a mask on it too. lol

Crazay3886d ago

Dude that's hilarious cause I was thinking the same thing