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Lois Lane May Be Wilde

Earlier today, it was reported that Kristen Stewart, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Biel, Dianna Agron and Malin Akerman have read or are going to read for the part of Lois Lane in the Snyder Superman reboot. And that Kristen Bell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead tried out as well.

Now, Latino Review has received information from an inside source that says Olivia Wilde is in the running as well.

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Soldierone4125d ago

Thatd be a nice pic. Really good looking, and isn't massively known just yet. Would really be a huge stepping stone to launcher her career though.

Crazay4125d ago

This would be another spectacular choice I think. Not only is she hot but she can command attention on screen which is something that Lois Lane needs to exude in buckets to be a good Lois.

xVeZx4125d ago

kristen stewart....god no....not because shes in twilight its mostly because shes a terrible actress...either olivia wilde or mary elizabeth winstead for me...i think its possible that wilde wont get the part because shes just too hot lol

Sunny_D4124d ago

Ewww, Lois Lane has a tan. She isn't some pasty, emotionless actress.

_Q_4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

I cant say id complain about seeing her on the big screen

Can I get a yowza?

Crazay4124d ago


She is smoking hot and would be good in this role.