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Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Talks To Join 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks to reunite with his Inception director Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight Rises for Warner Bros. I'm not sure what role he'll play, but I'm told that he will be in the movie when Nolan starts production this spring. Gordon-Levitt will be done shooting the Rian Johnson-directed Looper with Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt by then.

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Cat4124d ago

Finally, I feel I'm on my way to vindication - he will be the Riddler!!

JL4124d ago

I would love that, Cat. But sadly, I seriously doubt it. Nolan has already flat-out said "No the Riddler won't be in our movie". Whatever he does though, I'm sure he'll do a great job per usual.

Cat4124d ago

Shhhhhhh you're messing with my denial.

JL4124d ago

lol Ok, you're right, Riddler is totally possible. But hey, at least he's attractive, right? lol

Cat4124d ago

:P Sassy.

Agreed that whatever he plays, he'll be great - anyone else love Brick?

JL4124d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed Brick as well.

Crazay4123d ago

At least he's attractive?


I'd be ok with him taking on the role of Robin, but alas, we likely won't ever see it. I'm really hoping there is no Riddler in this movie. Jim Carey sucked monumental wiener when he played the role and for me The Riddler should never ever be put into a movie again

JL4123d ago

lol @Crazay, that "attractive" comment was just me having fun with Cat.

I don't know why Carrey gets hate. He did a good job with Riddler. The movie itself was horrible, but Carrey was very good as the Riddler. Maybe it's because he did a campy Riddler? Maybe it's cause the movie itself was crap? I just don't get the hate. I thought Carrey definitely nailed the Riddler they were going for: the same type from the old TV show, but with a little 'darkness' and edge.

As for Robin. I SERIOUSLY doubt that. Bale, on multiple occasions, has expressed his utter disdain for that character. Even going so far as to say he'd walk out if Robin was to be incorporated. Amongst one of those times he even expressed his happiness that Nolan was actually in agreement with him in that Robin should be kept well away from the franchise.

Crazay4123d ago

Ya - I'm beginning to see how Cat does her thing around here =P

AICN suggests he could be going for the role of Hugo Strange. That would make a great deal of sense too.

Djinn4123d ago


Jim Carey sucked as Riddler? Do you have any ****ing clue who the Riddler is? Frankly, there was nothing wrong with Carey's performance. Its like saying Ledger laughed too much as the Joker. You're just bashing Carey because you hated the movie.

Crazay4123d ago

I know who the Riddler is and all I saw was Jim Carey walking around like a spaz just as he does in every movie. He reminded me of a cross between The Cable Guy and Ace Ventura with a really bright hair color.

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UnSelf4124d ago

i see Robin

too bad Bale doesnt

Soldierone4124d ago

HAHA Glad Im not the first one that instantly thought Robin! For once id be comfortable with Robin in a movie, he is a very talented actor.

Senden4123d ago

Haha you know, I was just thinking about him and thinking of the role he could play and Riddler came straight to mind. I guess he could also play Robin he was awesome as a sidekick in Inception however I doubt Nolan will ever do a Robin in a Batman film.

Sunny_D4123d ago

I also agree that Jim Carrey played his role just fine. I think Tommy Lee Jones tried to make his character too much of a psychomaniac and was just not the right 2 face. Oh, and the guy who played Robin sucks. I really don't like Batman sidekicks. I think Batman is more badass when he works alone.

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filmmattic4124d ago

That would be an excellent casting decision. I really admire Levitt's acting. No idea what role he will play, although, we know Nolan calculates everything meticulously, so whatever it is, I'm sure it will suit him well.

TheGreatIndonesia4123d ago

from some angles his face reminds me of heath ledger, theres a little resemblance...

Sunny_D4123d ago

Yeah, me too. I can see it in his forehead. Maybe his forehead would be perfect for the white paint wrinkles you saw on ledger?

TheGreatIndonesia4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

no... his eyes, lips, and nose that makes him looks like heath ledger... eventhough josephs jaw and cheekbone are more distinct and sharp

elcompa4254123d ago

He was a champ in Inception, I'm sure he would be great in the Dark Knight.

Liked him when he was on 3rd Rock from the Sun, and is starting to become one of my favorites to watch, I hope it happens!

Djinn4123d ago

He should play Bane!!

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