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Hi-Def Ninja: Open Season 3 Blu-ray Review

Jorge writes: Boog (Mike Epps), Elliot (Joel McHale), and the rest of the forest animals are back for yet another adventure. When Boog reaches out to his friends for the annual guys trip, he is rejected. What was more painful was that his best friend Elliot refused to accompany him on the trip. So Boog decides to go on his own and after a night of mischief and eating candy, Boog stumbles upon a circus. When he approached the circus he finds another grizzly named Doug, who trades his spot and promised to return. In the circus Boog meets Alistair (Dana Snyder) a Spanish llama and Ursa (Gina Torres) who he falls in love with. When Boog realizes he the circus is going back to Russia is up to this friends along with Mr. Weenie (Cody Cameron) and the pack of dogs to save Boog and return him to the forest.

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