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Hi-Def Ninja: Gun Blu-ray Review

John writes: Man o’ man, where to start? Gun needs someone to put a gun to the writer’s head and figure just what the hell went wrong, or who cut this script to hell and back. First and foremost, I think the actors did a great job except for the blonde chick who’s name escapes me right now and isn’t worthy of me looking her up. (But dude, she did a sex scene!) Oh that’s right, kudos for her then. AnnaLynne McCord the feisty blonde boss lady vixen with the non-believable power as a black market guns dealer. Who could forget her? I guess in all actuality she probably wasn’t all so bad, it just resorts back to the horrible writing.

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_Q_4256d ago

Say what? Dont listen this guy hes insane. This movie is a must own.