David O. Russell on Uncharted and More

Empire says:
Who might play Elena?

Let's make this clear - there's a question mark in the title, so you're best off filing this one under "casual conjecture", but as casual conjecture is the lifeblood of the internet, we thought we'd share.

You see, we were lucky enough to grab a quarter of an hour on the phone with The Fighter director David O. Russell, and, needless to say, we took the chance to talk about his next project, the video-game-to-film adaptation of the PS3 smash hit, Uncharted.

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Crazay4508d ago

I'd be perfectly OK with Scarlett taking the role of Elena but the casting choice of Wahlberg is still bugging the shit out of me. She's probably taller than he is too.

JL4508d ago

Agree. I'm perfectly fine with Scarlett playing Elena. But please for the love of god do not let Wahlberg play Drake.

Sunny_D4507d ago

Remember guys, games do not adapt well into movies. Comic books is ok, but games are always effed up. Now, instead of a witty Drake, we will get a static, mad sounding, one face drake.

Soldierone4508d ago

I already know this movie is gonna be all about the stars and nothing else. So my hopes are pretty much gone.

I like Marky Mark, but he isn't right here at all. Fact is the director just worked with him, he is comfortable with him, and he all but sealed the deal already.

Crazay4507d ago

He is absolutely the wrong choice for this movie. They need someone taller and a little leaner. Wahlberg is pretty jacked and his voice is too soft to be Nathan Drake.

Soldierone4507d ago

I dunno if thats a good excuse though. Remember Tom Cruise is shorter than most female actresses and pulls his stuff off fine.

The voice might be an issue, but he is an actor and should be able to change.

Cat4508d ago

I'm not gonna get all gripey, the people in casting are in a better position to make these decisions, but.... I still want them to use Emily Rose!

JL4508d ago

Oh I'd love if they use Emily Rose. For that matter, I'd be happy for them to use all of the voice actors. Though, Emily probably is the more feasible of all of them (ie Nolan looks a bit old to be playing Drake). Of course, I don't really think any of that will happen.

_Q_4508d ago

Have you ever heard of Iliza Shlesinger? She recently won Last Comic Standing. I think she'd work because shes an actual comedian...and of course camera friendly...

Soldierone4508d ago

@ Q
Check out the behind the scenes stuff for Uncharted too, if you havent already! They show that they are real actors and are more than camera friendly to say the least. They acted out every scene, not only with cameras watching, but with artist teams, animators, illistrators etc... They did an amazing job.

Cat4508d ago

Yeah, they did proper scenes in mocap, etc. - and Emily Rose/Elena is on Haven.

Sunny_D4507d ago

They definitely did. But Q, I disagree. I just looked up Emily Rose and she definitely looks really, really close to Elena.

Whoooop4507d ago

As much as I think Drake's cast is bad, I have to give it the benefit of the doubt simply because of Russell.

It's difficult to think that this movie will suck ass if you're relying on the director; we'll see.

JL4507d ago

Russell does nothing to alleviate any concern I might have. He's done nothing that's really impressed me and causes me to place faith in him. Three Kings was alright. The Fighter was decent, but in the end it really missed it's mark and was something of a let down for me with how he turned such an inspiring real-life Rocky tale into something just...not inspiring really. The life was sort of drained out of the feel-good moment that should've been. The real impressive part of that movie was the acting. Which Russell had nothing to do with.

Whoooop4506d ago (Edited 4506d ago )


Whoooop4506d ago (Edited 4506d ago )

Yeah... I didn't want to go into details as far as his career, but he has a more than healthy track record compared to most directors that have made video game based movies.

Contrary to you, I loved The Fighter and consider it one of the best among the nominees. Performances surely helped a lot, but the movie was well made.

I don't think he wanted (or cared much) about the feel good of the movie. That's why he basically exploited the frustration, sadness and discomfort.

I'm not implying that he's a great director because he has no background to support it, but I'm comfortable with him in command to be honest.

Whoooop4506d ago

I also want to add that I'm taking this "comfortable" stance considering the low standard that video game based movies have in general.

I'm not trying to say that I'm sold because of Russell and nothing more. I just believe that he could do a good job considering everything around these movies.