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The Hunt for Lois Lane

Hollywood Insider says:

So we’ve got ourselves a new Superman, Henry Cavill.

Great actor, but hearing that it didn’t necessarily come down to that - who would be the best man for the job; the decision was eventually made by way of mathematical equation, ‘who is available to the movie in the window that we’ve got?’ Quite a few of Cavill’s competitors impressed, especially True Blood star Joe Manganiello, but they weren’t as readily available ‘right away’ as Cavill was.

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Crazay4127d ago

I don't mind the idea of Jessica Biel being cast in this role but I much prefer Malin Akerman in the role. She's hot, and has already portrayed a strong woman. None of the other actresses strike me as being able to pull it off. Bring in Kristen Stewart and I'll write this movie off immediately. I'd like to see Erica Durance take the role on but that'll never happen because they don't want to confuse the movie with SMallville.

MrMyers4127d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

I don't know who Malin Akerman is but I guess I could handle Jessica Biel doing it, I would much rather see Rachel McAdams out of those choices though.

JL4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

I'd prefer McAdams out of those too. Ideally, I think I'd like to Carla Gugino get the role though. That would be real good, I think.

Oh and Malin Akerman played the wife of Vince Vaughn in Couples Retreat. She's also been in The Heartbreak Kid, Watchmen and a few others.

Soldierone4126d ago

Again, before I say it, I have absolutly nothing against any of th actors or actresses. I personally do not want to see Biel in this role at all. She is nice looking and a good actress, but thats just too big of a name in a role that shouldn't be that well known.

If they didnt pick Routh or other suggestions because of Snyders "we want lesser known names" then why change it now?

Crazay4126d ago

I dunno if I'd say that Jessica Biel is a good actress but she is damn fine looking.

Sunny_D4126d ago

Lol, now a days movies depend on a good looking girl to get attention rather than if that person can act or not.

Soldierone4126d ago

Which is dumb. It shows they are only their for looks when they act all stale or never change. A good director can make any girl look pretty with a good story and character development.

Cat4126d ago

Well they should definitely go with the cartoon version in the submission image. If she's not available, then I would prefer they went with a less-recognizable actress. Am I getting grumpy or something, b/c I'm increasingly bothered by going to movies to see "Big Name Actor" play "Role"!