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Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan talked about the third installment of his Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises, at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival where he was presented with the Modern Master Award for Inception on Sunday night. attended the event and sat in on the tribute to the director at the Arlington Theatre in downtown Santa Barbara where Nolan said he saw Aliens years ago.

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JL3889d ago

His response to the Catwoman/Selina Kyle question only further solidifies my suspicion that Hathaway will only play Selina and there won't be a Catwoman in the movie.

Crazay3889d ago

I'd be perfectly ok with the exclusion of Catwoman. The character never did anything for me. I much would have preferred to see Harley Quinn as the Femme Fatale this time around.

Quagmire3888d ago

Harley Quinn as the Villain for TDKR will make for a good revenge story as the Joker is supposedly in prison.

Soldierone3888d ago

Ive wanted this since watching the TDK for the first time. watching it another 6 or 7 times only makes me want it more. The whole fire stuff and what not, its setup perfectly.

Soldierone3888d ago

Im expecting it suprise ending like the others, except this time it will come a half hour before ending. Catwoman will be there, she just wont "be there" if you know what I mean?

She wont have a major role.