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James Cameron Explains Why the 3D Experience Will Be Better On ‘Avatar 2’

Wall Street Journal:
James Cameron, producer of the new movie “Sanctum,” said that advances in technology will make his follow-up to the 2009 blockbuster “Avatar” an even better 3D viewing experience than its predecessor. “For ‘Avatar 2,’ what I’m most interested in is getting theaters to up their light level,” Cameron told Speakeasy in an interview Saturday in Los Angeles, Calif. “And we want to shoot the movie at 48 or maybe even 60 frames a second, and display it at that speed, which will eliminate a lot of the motion artifacts that I think are causing some people problems.”

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MrMyers4129d ago

What about the writing? Will it be better for the sequel? That's what you should focus on Mr. Cameron.

Crazay4129d ago

I really don't get the hate on the story for Avatar. Avatar is without a doubt in my top 3 all time movies. has the same concept been told before? Ya, but what hasn't been told already?

MrMyers4129d ago

The problem wasn't the story. I like the story in general and yes many stories are unoriginal. My problem was with the writing. That story has been done much better on several occasions and the writing was just weak and cliche and shallow at points even. It was like too much time was spent on the 3D and making the movie look good and creating the creatures and people and creating a new language that they just kinda rushed through writing the story.

Soldierone4128d ago

Yes stories get retold, but Avatar can be retold word for word in several Disney movies.

For example look at Fern Gulley. Its an exact replica of that movie. But Fern Gully had a better connection with the characters, it explained the tree more, it had better writing on everything. It made you care about both sides of the fence.

Soldierone4128d ago

Thank you for taking the words right out of my mouth. 3D is 3D it isnt gonna make a film good.

darklordzor4129d ago

I liked the story for Avatar. Sure, it's been done several times before, but never on such a massive scale. It's an epic story and needs an epic, which Avatar did perfectly. Overall it was still a very good movie.

Besides, it's not like everything out there is original, but we still like them and support them. Hell, it's not like Nolan's Batman movies were original either, but they were told in a proper way, on the proper scale and thus we were given fantastic movies.

Sunny_D4129d ago

Lol, this is funny. I got Avatar for Blu ray from the January Contest. I wonder if we will still need glasses by then.

Soldierone4128d ago

The fact that my GF constantly talks about how this movie puts her to sleep, and the fact I absolutely cannot stand how he ripped off other movies means I wont be seeing this.

If he came out and said "alright we are spending a month or more on writing the story and background aspects" then perhaps my interest will be raised. I gurentee a visual showing isn't going to save his arse again.

Crazay4128d ago

You Soldier are an angry fella with a massive hate on for one James Cameron.

Soldierone4128d ago

Because Im a film student and everytime I go to "rip" off an idea of someone elses film I get called out for it. Needless to say I avoid it at all costs, but if its something cool why not try it? As a film maker id never do that, id be creative and do my own things.

Yet look at Cameron and how he lives off other peoples success and then bloats about hollywood on how he "did it himself" like he is the king of movie making. Avatar was a total rip off, nothing original at all. Even his predetor movies were ripped off of other peoples ideas. He even got sued for Terminator because he stole the entire script from the writer, changed one or two things, and slapped his name on it.

Let alone Terminator 3 was my favorite, and yet its the only one without his name on it.

To say I dislike him is an under statement lol. I want to see him actually do something entirely of his own for once that doesnt involve Avatards. (visuals)