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Stephen King's 'The Stand' Heading to the Big Screen

Stephen King's grand opus The Stand is finally getting the big-screen treatment.

Warner Bros. and CBS Films are teaming to adapt the novel, which in many ways set the bar for a generation of post-apocalyptic stories and influenced works ranging from TV's Lost to music group Anthrax.

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Crazay4129d ago

The Stand is easily one of the best Stephen King books ever. The problem with doing it as a feature film is that the story is just so big they're going to lose so much of the story. I really don't mind the TV mini series that came out lo so many years ago. This is another shining example of something that should be done by someone like Showtime, HBO or AMC because they have a wider range of things they can and can't do.

I'm skeptical of this one purely based on the limitations a 2.5hr movie holds.

JL4128d ago

I actually was talking to my dad about this earlier today. He's a big fan of King's work. He loved the idea of it being made into a movie, but that was his concern as well: it's just a massive book. He was like they'd have to make a 6hr movie to truly capture all of it.

Crazay4128d ago

Your pops is bang on the money. Sure there are people that we meet in the book and learn a bunch about them and then BAM!!! Captain Tripps kills them so those people can be cut out but ya. It's just too damn big for a conventional movie.