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ABC Family Greenlights 3 New Series - One Comedy And Two Dramas

New ABC Family president Michael Riley is making his first new series pickups today, ordering 3 new shows, the Raven Symone comedy The Great State of Georgia and 2 dramas, The Nine Lives of Chloe King and Switched at Birth. The orders to all 3 are for 10 episodes, including the pilot.

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Crazay4256d ago

It'll be good to see Majandra Delfino get back into some TV. She's shown that she can do a little comedy with some of her acting on Roswell - Though that could have just been poor acting skills. =\ I suspect this has some potential but I think there may be some miscasting or perhaps a type error in the article. Delfino is SMOKIN' HOT and she's a singer so it would make more sense to me that she was the curvy exuberant performer. If they can keep the show fun like The Big Bang Theory it could do alright

Switched at Birth is a concept that's been done to death - I predict it won't last should it get past the pilot episode.

Nine Lives could be fun too if they execute it correctly. TV hasn't exactly been too kind to quasi super hero stories as of late.

Soldierone4256d ago

They keep trying because of that show on CW. The thing is you have to realize what CW is, and how a show with average ratings is HUGE to them so they make it seem like a big deal.

I could be wrong and the interest just isn't there, but I dunno.

Sunny_D4255d ago

Cw sucks. The only thing that was worth watching was Simpsons and Smallville. But, even then I stopped watching those shows.