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Player Affinity - Spartacus: Gods of the Arena - Missio Review

Player Affinity writes: "Somehow when recapping Spartacus last week, I forgot to mention the final scene, which probably had the most actual significance going forward to the political maneuverings that do a lot of the plot’s heavy lifting. Batiatus had been trying to curry favor with Tullius, a noble in charge of the upcoming gladiatorial games. But when his best fighter, Gannicus, bests that of Vettius, a rival lanista (is this enough Roman words yet?), Tullius offers to buy him from Batiatus. He refuses at first, and the response is not kind – Tullius has Batiatus captured and severely beaten as Vettius watches with him, before pissing on his face and telling him that if he doesn’t sell him Gannicus, he will never get to compete in the games."

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Crazay4256d ago

I caught the tail end of the re-airing of episode 1 this weekend and part of episode 2 and I gotta say this is supremely high on my list of shows to watch. I need to check out Spartacus season 1 this spring too.