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‘Spider-Man’ Set Photos & Video Show Close-Up Web Slinging Action

A number of action-packed set photos, and a video, from the ‘Spider-Man’ reboot have hit the internet – giving us an even clearer look at the new Spider-Man costume.

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Crazay4127d ago

Is it just me or does it look like the muscle tone is drawn on the costume?

MrMyers4126d ago

It does look a little like some tone is drawn onto the suit just a slight bit in order to accent the muscle. That might be a bit for the best though since Andrew Garfield is kind of skinny.

xino4125d ago

the muscle is meant to be tone down in another words skinny!
Spiderman has always been skinny from the start.

the movies changes everything.

darklordzor4127d ago

Man, they aren't keeping this film underwraps at all! Normally we have to wait for a while before getting pictures and even then there aren't that many (not for something this big). Maybe the filmmakers aren't as concerned about secrecy, since it is a reboot. Who knows, but it seems like everyday there are new pictures.

Crazay4127d ago

Ya - It's kinda crazy eh DLZ? I was thinking the same thing too. I think Sony is going to be forced to release a full on picture much sooner than later.

Sunny_D4126d ago

I know. But, the more pics I see, the less excited I get. Because too much spoilers will release and the movie will be ruined. This will be last time I see the pics. Maybe. Lol

Soldierone4126d ago

If I was a professional film maker on something like this, id release all kinds of stuff. Afterall we are film makers for entertainment, and making the film and letting people be apart of that is just as entertaining as watching the full movie.

No need to be some secret agency, except for some things that you want to keep for suprises.

Soldierone4126d ago

Thank god, I like that suit much better.