Trailer and Poster for 'Elevator'

Last October, I reported on an indie thriller movie being made called Elevator. The movie is about a group of 9 people trapped on an elevator while one of them has a bomb. Chaos ensues as the passengers become overcome with panic and start taking it out on one another all while trying to find a way out. Previously, I brought you news of the movie along with images, a behind-the-scenes look and an interview with the director and the writer. Now I present to you the trailer for this claustrophobic thriller. After the jump you’ll also find the official poster for the movie.

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Soldierone4125d ago

Is it just me or is this almost identical to DEVIL, minus the Devil aspects? I mean take out the end of Devil and you have this entire trailer. So in otherwords, not looking forward to it.

Sunny_D4125d ago

That's what I was thinking. But, I haven't seen Devil, but I hope I can watch it, since I heard it sucks.

Soldierone4125d ago

Its absolutely terrible. Couldn't be more predicting and is done horribly. I wouldn't recomend it at all.

MrMyers4125d ago

This does remind me of Devil but I don't think that's a bad thing because the base concept of Devil was cool. Once you get past that base concept of "people stuck in an elevator and panicking" though it seems the two movies will be different really. One is the concept of the Devil coming to take people to hell and those people die one by one. The other is the concept of people trapped in an elevator with a bomb desperately trying to get out.

Even the concept of Devil as a whole wasn't bad and it looked pretty good just the problem was in the execution. Basically: M Night Shyamalan is a crap storyteller. Written by a decent writer, Devil could have been pretty good.

Soldierone4125d ago

Yeah but the only thing switching is the Devil and a Bomb. Im sure the side story wont be focused on the devil, but instead the bomb. At the end of the day its still a movie about people trapped in an elevator about to die.

Im not saying it cant be good, it just feels too similar for me to be comfortable forking out 10 bucks to go see it.

Crazay4125d ago

Wasn't Devil just conceptualized by Shymalanalaladingdong and written by someone else? I was under the impression that Hollywood execs like his ideas but weren't buying into how he puts his ideas to paper to film so they were getting others to write stories.

JL4124d ago

Shyamalan wrote the story completely. Just somebody else adapted it to a screenplay. All you see though comes from Shyamalan.