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Amazon Rolling Out Netflix-Like Unlimited Video Streaming for Prime Subscribers?

An unlimited video streaming service may soon launch for Amazon Prime members. Last night, Amazon mistakenly slipped the following message on their site:

“Your Amazon Prime membership now includes unlimited, commerical-free instant streaming of 5,000 movies and TV shows at no additional cost“.

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Sunny_D4125d ago

Pretty cool addition to Amazon's already amazing services. But, this won't be able to compete with Netflix. Netflix is just too much of an established brand that many people use. But, who says 2 competitors can't co-exist?

Soldierone4125d ago

If Amazon doesn't buy out shares or some sort in either Netflix or Blockbuster, they will become a pretty big powerhouse of their own. Prime is already large, they just need to offer more and at a higher res and they will do just fine.

Only thing coming of this will probably be Blockbuster suffering, but their prices do that by themselves.

Sunny_D4125d ago

Yeah, I haven't gone to Blockbusters in like years... Although, I do miss the store designs and the atmosphere it has.

JL4125d ago

I've been to Blockbuster several times in the last year. They have some pretty good deals when they're closing down a store lol.

techniglee4125d ago

Amazon will not buy Netflix. Because doing so would cause Amazon to have brick and morter locations in many states. they would then have to charge sales tax, a big reason why they are so popular is that they dont charge tax

Soldierone4125d ago

I already get it for free since im a student, but if this is true (which i think it is) then ill become a paying member in a heart beat.

techniglee4125d ago

likely no need to pay. You are a member already.

MrMyers4125d ago

It depends on what this service offers that would get me interested or not. I assume they won't do DVD-by-mail like Netflix so they need to make sure to have an extensive streaming library that also includes movies being available for streaming from the day of release on DVD. If they don't do that then there's really no need for me to switch from Netflix to this.