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Robin Williams for Dark Knight Rises?

Robin Williams will appear as Dr Hugo Strange in The Dark Knight Rises, insiders have suggested.

The 59-year-old comedian, who came close to securing both the role of The Joker in Tim Burton's 1990 re-imagining and The Riddler in 1995's Batman Forever, is believed to be the subject of a tantalising tweet from Batman On Film which teases: "RW as Strange? Hmm..."

Batman News has noted that the poster correctly identified the presence of Bane in Christopher Nolan's superhero sequel prior to the confirmation of Tom Hardy's casting in the role. The website adds that another reliable source has frequently claimed that Strange will make an appearance.

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JL4136d ago

Well, I will say the inclusion of Dr Strange (if true) definitely makes sense. He has ties to Scarecrow, who has already appeared. He's the one who even made the fear dust stuff if I'm not mistaken (Hugo did that is). He also created a serum to turn men into mutated hulk type guys, much like the Venom that Bane takes. Whether Venom is the same as Hugo's serum or an alteration of it or what, I'm not sure.

I could go with Robin Williams playing that character, though. Clearly he has a passion for the Batman franchise, so you know he'd put in the proper work. He looks the part well enough, also. And if you've seen One Hour Photo or Insomnia, then you know he can tap into a dark side. Even in Death to Smoochy he shows off he can go to that psycho dark side as well.

Crazay4136d ago

I saw One Hour Photo and Insomnia and he can pull it off for sure. I don;t know much about Hugo Strange but all my friends who religiously read comics think he's a pretty awesome bad guy.

Sunny_D4136d ago

Lol, he definitely could fit the role. The movie that comes to mind was that movie about that green blob that was living. I can't rememeber the name, though.

Soldierone4136d ago

I love Robin Williams, but here we go. Batman Returns all over again.

Will Jim Carrey be playing the Riddler? Or shall we get another name brand for that? Jesse Eisenbran for Robin?

JL4136d ago

I wouldn't be so negative about them casting a name for a role. I mean if he fits, then it's fine. I seriously doubt Nolan would cast just for name appeal. I mean Bale and Michael Caine were both big names before Batman Begins. That didn't make their casting a "name brand gimmick" or anything.

Plus Williams seems to actually be passionate about the franchise. It's not like trying to cast Wahlberg as Nathan Drake. Someone who doesn't fit at all and is only put there to cash in on his fame.

Besides, this is just a rumor anyways.

Soldierone4136d ago

It has nothing to do with Williams at all. If anything this was the first thing Nolan actually chose. Its the fact we already got a huge name for "Catwoman" A decent name for another villian, and now Will is being cast here.

You have to think deep down and realize WB is making some of these decisions. "Hey Nolan, so and so's agent said they wanted to be in the movie so we signed em up."

All Im saying is these big names is making me lose interest as a Batman and Nolan fan. I have high hopes with Nolan behind it, but im not gonna say im not worried about it. Last thing I want is a grand finale of Batman Returns.

JL4135d ago

I would hardly call Anne Hathaway a "huge name". I wouldn't even venture to call her an A-lister. And for all intents and purpose, Tom Hardy is a "nobody".

If we were talking about "Jason Statham Signs to Play Bane" and "Angelina Jolie Is Catwoman" and then you have "Robin Williams to Possibly Play Hugo Strange". Then I might be a little worried. But he hasn't signed any real big names yet (with the exception of returning characters). Hell, Ledger was bigger than Hathaway is. And Eckhart was bigger before TDK than Hardy is now. Then on top of that you had Morgan Freeman and Katie Holmes, amongst a few lesser knowns (that would probably be on the same level as Hardy) that were included in the past movies.

Besides, it's just a rumor. Plus the tweet doesn't even really say Robin Williams. Just says RW. For all we know (even if the source is correct) he could actually be talking about Ray Winstone instead of Robin Williams lol

MrMyers4136d ago

I liked Jim Carrey as the Riddler. He was the only good part about that movie.

Crazay4136d ago

Really? That movie was all kinds of crap and Jim Carey was also crap.

MrMyers4136d ago

The movie was crap. Jim Carey did good with the kind of dark but campy Riddler. Did good with what he had to work with. I liked his Riddler.

LtSkittles4135d ago

Makes sense. Nolan has worked with Robin Williams already, and he has a history of working with some of the same people twice. Bale and Michael Cain were in the prestige after begins,Cillian Murphy was in Inception after TDK, so I'd say yes.

Quagmire4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Finally, something about this movie which actually sounds GOOD!

Hugo Strange helping gotham police to chase down the wanted fugitive Batman will be a great story, couple that with Harley Quinn's revenge on Batman for locking up the Joker, and Talia Al Gul quest for vengeance for her father's death, would be INSANE! That way we have ties to all 3 films, resulting in a heart pounding conclusion not just to the final film, but of ALL the films combined.

3 People going after the Bat for different reasons. And with Nolan's non-linear narrative technique will be perfect for those stories.

But unfortunately, Quinn and Talia arent innit, instead Selina Kyle as Bats' new love interest, and Bane who will most probable break Batmans back.

O well, lets see.