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Henry Cavill is Cast as Superman in New Movie

In the mythology of comic books, Superman is the survivor of a dying alien planet who is sent to earth to become its protector. For his new Superman movie, the director Zack Snyder did not have to search quite as far to cast his title character, but in the tradition of previous installments of the franchise, he has settled on a relative unknown to take up the mantle of the Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill, a British actor whose credits include the Showtime series “The Tudors, the 2007 fantasy film “Stardust” and the coming adventure “Immortals,” will play Superman and his secret identity, Clark Kent, in a film that Mr. Snyder is directing for Warner Brothers, the studio said on Sunday.

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Soldierone3890d ago

This is dumb. WTF guys? How many people are begging for Routh and how many people suggested better ideas? Then they go with a British guy hardly anyone in america knows about. This picture makes him look like some pretty boy Twilight actor.

I guess this is Hollywood and the same thing will happen with Uncharted too. Might as well just go cast Taylor Lotner in everything.

JL3890d ago

I'm fine with this choice. All except the British part. Unless he can lose the accent (like Bale does). Other than that though, I'm good. Yes, I would've loved to see Routh do it. However, if you're really honest with yourself, I think you have to know that wasn't going to happen. And honestly I don't blame them. They're wanting to reboot and set themselves apart from past Superman movies here. You can't do that by bringing back the same Superman. I think Routh made a great Superman, but he just had the bad luck of being in the wrong Superman movie.

As far as him being someone "hardly anyone in america knows", I'm definitely fine with that. They needed to go with an "unknown" (Uncharted needs to as well). You want to bring in someone who can pretty much be Superman. Not be a big star pretending to be Superman.

I will admit that's not the best picture to show him off for this part though. Maybe one like the following (just more clean shaven).

Soldierone3890d ago

Im fine with a nobody thats a somebody though. Look at the shows he was in and what he did. None of it really says "SUPERMAN!" to me in any of that.

Ive seen "nobody" roles that turned out great. Like Jesse Eisenburgh. Wasn't really big or known till Zombieland released and he is a great actor for the roles he has been given.

JL3890d ago

None of Heath Ledger's past stuff ever really screamed "JOKER!" to me either. But we know how that one turned out.

UnSelf3890d ago

i might as well play the next superman

Soldierone3890d ago

I kinda hate how everyone turns to Heath Ledger lol. Did any of his roles say "joker" no but its the joker. His other movies showed he was a talented actor though.

This isn't the Joker. This is Superman.

JL3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Everybody turns to Ledger because that's the most common example. And it's one that's applicable to something like this. It shows that sometimes actors can surprise you when they're given a chance to go outside of that comfort zone (or what have you) that they're normally cast in.

Want a better example? In 1977, a young man was plucked from the theaters to meet with a director for a big budget film. This man was an absolute nobody. All he had ever really done was theater. With the exception of a real small part in one movie and small appearances in a couple TV shows. He was to be cast as an iconic character that before had been perceived as a manly person. A real man's man. The problem, this actor was pretty much a 'delicate' pretty boy. Furthermore he was rather skinny. However, that didn't stop him, Christopher Reeve, from going on to be the most iconic Superman of all-time.

Honestly, I've seen very little of Cavill. But what I have seen he has appeared a decent enough actor. I'm just not sure why this is such a bad choice over any of the others (Routh aside, but I've already explained that). Again, it's not like this is a complete miscasting. It's not like they cast Aaron Johnson or Paul Dano to play Superman.

This guy looks like he can pull the look off, has the right build and everything. And he's a decent enough actor from what I've seen. And let's be honest here, you were pretty much on the money with "This isn't Joker. It's Superman." It's not like Superman is a complex character to tackle. It should be a fairly easy one for any decent actor to do.

Are there better choices? Possibly. I haven't really seen any mentioned though (again, Routh aside). Is Cavill a bad choice? Only time will tell, but there's nothing here that just screams "OH MY GOD!! MISCAST!!!"

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JonLon3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Hah, funny you say that - supposedly this guy was the only actor the author of the Twilight series thought could truly pull off Edward Cullen. But he was slightly too old for the part. Maybe the ability to play Mr. Perfect will serve him well in this Superman reboot?

I also liked Routh. But, I trust Snyder. Especially since recent pics of Cavill make him look a bit more mature than Routh; my only nitpick since I'm used to the this version of Superman:


Crazay3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

WOW!!! Soldier that's a whole ton of hate. Noone really knew who Brandon Routh was, and if memory serves, Christopher Reeves was by and large no such a well know actor himself. I doubt the British accent thing will be any issue as they have some incredible dialect coaches out there to mask it.

After having some time to reflect, I think this could be a good thing despite my serious want for Brandon Routh to reprise the role. I just want a quality Superman movie to kick some major ass. We all know that we'll keep a close eye on this one. Zack Snyder hasn't had a miss for me yet and as we've all discussed to a sickening degree, Nolan is a god among men - under his watchful eye, this has all the earmarks to be something special. I just hope we don't get another origins story.

I attached a photoshopped image that was on AICN to give an idea of how it could look.

Sunny_D3890d ago

Um okay? I am not that excited for a Superman movie since Superman is not really my favorite superhero. But, who is this guy?

Crazay3890d ago

Interesting. I really don't know what to say about this casting choice. He does look...I dunno... like he could maybe pull it off but does this guy actually met the physical dimensions of Superman?

JL3890d ago

He's 6'1". That's plenty close enough. As for weight, he looks like he's in good shape. It's nothing for him to bulk up a bit if needed.

MrMyers3890d ago

I will have to see him as Superman before I make any judgments.

Sunny_D3889d ago

I have t see him in costume and him saying a few lines before I can judge him. I also will admit, I was skeptical of Heath Ledger when I heard he would be the Joker. But, now I can say that I will try to stop being so skeptical.

Cat3890d ago

I wasn't really attached to any of the fan suggestions for casting, so seems like a good pick to me! He's not super-recognizable and he has the build.

As for him being what? There are plenty of British actors in American TV and film and bet most viewers don't know that they are!

JL3890d ago

Agreed. As long as he can lose the accent (it would just irritate me hearing Superman with a British accent). Other than that though I'm fine with it. For the longest I didn't realize Christian Bale was British lol

Cat3890d ago

Haha, exactly! I bet there's tons of Brits/Australians under the radar for most - Damien Lewis, Yvonne Strahovski, Hugh Laurie, Jamie Bamber, Anna Friel...

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