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DiaBlog: Oscar Nomination Reactions

Player Affinity writes: "Earlier this week we gave you the official 2011 Oscar nominee list along with a list of our five biggest snubs. Well, the debate rages on at Player Affinity as we talk all things Oscar from now until Feb. 27. That would be the big ceremony, of course. We (Steven and Dinah) take to some of the biggest stories coming out of the nominations and even some that you might not have thought of."

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MrMyers4261d ago

I would love to see Inception get the best Best Picture award. It's a huge shame that Nolan didn't get a nomination for Best Director and that Black Swan wasn't nominated for the screenplay.

Sunny_D4261d ago

Me too. But, you know the Oscars have been whack for many years. It isn't surprising that they give it to people who don't deserve it as much as others.