Movie Threequels: The Bad Ones

Games 4 Guys writes: Trilogies are hot items in cinema but so many franchises have suffered from including the third film. Let’s look at some of the series that have at least three films in them. Sure, some have more than three, but this focuses only on the first three films.

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darklordzor3725d ago

I still don't get why Return of the Jedi is always hated on. Yes, the Ewoks weren't that great, but does that totally ruin all of the other awesome aspects of the film? We get one of the best villain performances ever (Palpatine), a sweet space battle, and Leia in a gold bikini. Can nothing please you people?

Jimmy the Greek3725d ago

It was a great movie. It just wasn't as good as the two movies before it.

Crazay3724d ago

HAHAHAH!!! I agree DLZ. I like Empire the best of the series but Jedi was a damn fine movie. The Ewoks didn't bother me and still don't. Perhaps it's because of how old I was so I just naturally liked them

Orange3724d ago

The ewoks bugged the hell out of me, and i was still only 13 when i saw it in the theater. The stormtroopers were totally immasculated by a few sticks and stones. Ridiculous. It was originally supposed to be Kashyyyk, the wookie planet. Would've been 100x better.

Just saw "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest". Big letdown to the Millenium Triology.

JL3724d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I actually fairly liked "Hornet's Nest". I thought it was better than the second, but it wasn't as good as the first. It was a fairly enjoyable thriller though. What I enjoyed was the blend of it. Political thriller meets courtroom drama meets psychological drama. It was a fairly nice conclusion to the story, I thought.

darkdoom30003724d ago

EWOKS... Holy shit thoes things just ruined the whole movie.

I got even more soured on the movie when I read they were originally gonna be wookies, but lucas wanted it more kid friendly, and move the wookie idea to ep3.

Teddy bears with Sticks and Rocks... defeating a high tech army. pure BS.

Sunny_D3724d ago

I didn't like the ewoks. But, the way Luke became a badass with the lightsaber and against Vader made it a classic to me. I agree %100 with Spider man. What was that bullsh!t that they called Spider man 3. I really wish I could slap Sam Raimi for even making it so crappy.

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iamnsuperman3724d ago

The last mummy film was awful.

Sunny_D3724d ago

Pssssh, I could tell it sucked from the previews. That's why I didn't watch it. :)

tunaks13724d ago

Return of the Jedi... great film

Spide-Man 3... I though it was good- gets way too much hate

X-men 3 was decent- again too much hate.

JL3724d ago

I've never really been a fan of the Star Wars series. Just never got into it as a kid. Maybe I need to go back and give it another try. One day maybe. Anyways, so I won't comment on Return of the Jedi.

However, I do agree with you on the other two. I enjoyed part 3 of X-Men and Spider-Man well enough. Were they the best in the trilogies? Nope. Did they suck like people claim, though? Nope. I thought they were pretty good/decent and enjoyed them.