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Top 10 Greatest Comedies, Ever

More and more people keep acquiring sophisticated stereo systems, flat screen TVs, projectors, etc. However, according to the statistics, movie theater ticket sales don’t seem to be affected by this trend of watching films at home or on-the-go on laptops, tablets or even smartphones. Laughing is really important for a our mental health. That is probably why we’re not slowing down on watching funny movies. Now just count how many phrases, expressions you caught in one of those cult comedies that you now use in your language on a regular basis. Following is a Top 10 of the Greatest Comedies, Ever.

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Crazay4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

I've never disagreed with a top 10 list more. It's a fine list but I never really a vast majority of the movies posted.

Personally I thought Hot Tub Time Machine was far better than The Hangover, Anchorman was just dumb (I can't stand Will Ferrel), The Big Lebowski is on my list of things to check out some day, I never understood the fascination behind Monty Python, The 40 yr Old Virgin and Office Space were fantastic and I did enjoy Space Balls.

As someone whose not all that into comedies, I'd put Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke, The 40Yr Old Virgin, Clerks 1 and 2, Zack And Miri make a Porno, Not Another Teen Movie, Revenge of the Nerds, American Pie, Office Space and any of the Jackass movies on my list.

What can I say? I have a soft spot for dick, fart and poo jokes.

JL4259d ago

Up in Smoke used to be hilarious. Of course, I was a pothead then, so not sure how well it would work on me now lol. 40Yr Old Virgin I would definitely put on a list for movies that have made me laugh the most/hardest. Clerks 1, while I enjoyed, I never found too hilarious. Clerks 2 on the other hand, absolutely hilarious. Zack and Miri? Ehh, wasn't all that for me. Not Another Teen Movie? I hate all those movies with the exception of like the first Scary Movie. Revenge of the Nerds I never cared for. American Pie was funny. Office Space was definitely funny. Jackass movies are pretty funny too (though some skits can be a bit of a miss).

A few I'd add: Grandma's Boy (hilarious), National Lampoons Christmas Vacation or just the regular Vacation. Grumpy Old Men is hilarious. I liked Ace Ventura. The Cable Guy. Old School. Dumb and Dumber. The Jerk. Elf. Bad Santa. Groundhog Day. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. The Goofy Movie. Meet the Parents. There's Something About Mary. Talladega Nights. Step Brothers. Billy Madison. Happy Gilmore. City Slickers. Tommy Boy. My Cousin Vinny. What About Bob. Uncle Buck.

Of course some of these were from when I was a kid and as we all know, stupid things can make us laugh as a kid. Oh, and I never got the appeal of Monty Python either.

Cat4259d ago

This list might one day make the Top 10 Most Hated Top 10 Lists. Ever. For the sole reason that comedy is *not* timeless. Nor does it translate well cross-culturally.

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JL4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

I agree, Cat. Comedy is just so hard to rank like this because it's not timeless. Over the decades humor just changes. And once you've heard a joke so many times, it isn't funny anymore. Whereas, you look at something like a thriller and suspense is suspense. A well told murder-mystery is just flat out well told no matter what era you put it in. It's the reason classics like 12 Angry Men, Rear Window, Dial M for Murder, The Verdict, etc all remain relevant and still good to this day. They're timeless.

Even movies like Ben Hur and Lawrence of Arabia, epic like that hold fairly well today. Because an adventure is an adventure. An action is action. Though that genre and sci-fi, etc tend to have a bit of a weak side, being that genres like that are somewhat dependent upon special effects, etc. And with the advances in film technology it can be a bit of a strain watching an alien movie from today, then watching an old one to see how the UFO is clearly a carboard cutout hanging from string/rope. lol

What's funny today, though, won't be funny tomorrow. It's the same thing as how once you hear a joke about 100 times it just ceases to be funny. You can narrow it down to just physical comedy and see how it's changed. At first it was funny trying to see the skinny man lift a big barbell. Then that got old and it was funny seeing a man step on a rake. Then it was slipping on a banana peel, then it was slapping each other around or poking each other in the eyes. But we've seen that all now and that physical comedy isn't as funny. So then we get the World's Funniest Nut Shots. Then when that gets old we move on to some seriously out there physical comedy like the Jackass crew.

There's a reason you won't see many comedies topping the all-time greatest movies lists. And the ones you do are either there because they influenced the genre in a big way or were the best movie from a comedic legend (Groucho and Marx, Chaplin, Buster Keaton, etc) or, most likely, they're a romantic comedy (where the love story really carries the movie). And, aside from some of the romantic comedies, none are really timeless.

Like Cat said, comedy isn't timeless. And, as I pointed out, it's because you can't keep laughing at the same joke over and over again. I mean, I'm sure everybody has heard the "Who's on first?" skit a million times by now. Back in the day, that was hilarious. Go back and watch it now (especially now that you have heard the skit a million times) and honestly, can you even bring yourself to muster a grin anymore?

Sorry, that reply got real long, real fast lol.

Cat4258d ago

It's very true - other genres tap into things that are timeless shared experiences, while comedy just tends to be far more specific. So more than jokes just getting "old", they just don't/can't hit the same notes with different audiences b/c of the disparity in shared experiences of those audiences.

Crazay4257d ago

Well, what about movies like National Lampoons Christmas Vacation? That's a comedy with slap stick comedy and jokes that get played over and over again and it's is considered timeless.

JL4257d ago

I think Christmas Vacation is too recent to be considered timeless. And even still, there are going to be a few comedies that can stand the test of time. Though they're not going to appeal across all cultures, etc. But comedy in general isn't timeless.

rezznik4259d ago

Meh, there are tons of better movies out there but I think that it's really subjective. As they say, to each his/her own.