Is Another Pirate Movie Necessary?

It’s clear that Disney loves Pirates and who would argue when the rest of the world can’t get enough of Captain Jack Sparrow. That dirty Pirate who somehow manages to come out on top and always brings in the box office for Disney every time.

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iamnsuperman4264d ago

God no..... The last one wasn't great but still rounded off the story. I have never have or since experienced a snack break in a film at the cinema that is ho long the third one was.

Sunny_D4264d ago

Really? I liked it. But for the 4th one, without the original cast, it just isn't the same. Johnny Depp wasn't the only star for me in this movie.

Soldierone4264d ago

Is it Necessary? Nope, but it still has a lot of potential given the right team. Captatin Jack (Johnny Depp) is fun and entertaining to watch and as long as they dont recycle useless stories then Ill keep watching it.

If its not a yearly release, I dont know why anyone would get tired of it.

JL4263d ago

I'm with you. Depp as Captain Jack is just a joy to watch. I'll most likely be right there to watch them all (if they make even more).

darthbill184264d ago

Pirates franchise has a lot of potential, there may yet be quite a few worthy movie's in the saga, I read somewhere they are already planning on shooting 5 & 6 as one massive film the same way the previous 2 & 3 films were shot

Quagmire4264d ago

To me, Kiera Knightley, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp made Pirates of the Caribbean.

Take out two of them, and have Johnny Depp as the main character...feels off somehow. It dosnt feel like Pirates of the Caribbean, but rather just a Pirates film on its accord, almost seperate to the first three.

Sunny_D4264d ago

That's exactly how I feel. Johnny might have been the biggest star , but he wasn't the only one. Without the other 2, it feels lifeless. The new characters won't be able to fill the void.

JL4263d ago

See, for me I really think Depp made this movie. Bloom in the Pirates series has always just been so...blah to me. His acting was drab. His character was kind of cheesy and annoying. Knightley was good and she was entertaining (I like her), but she should be easily replaceable with any other female protagonist type character that is charming and can act. Depp was absolutely the only one for me who, if you take him out, there is no movie.

Soldierone4263d ago

You take them out, you lose that portion of the story. Pirates is about Depps character and the people he comes across and the stories that creates. This is simply a new tale on the pirate ship, and thats how its being marketed.

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