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Hi-Def Ninja: The Secretariat Blu-ray Review

John writes: The Secretariat is an amazing story, and no doubt is the type of story that Disney just loves to get their hands on. For those who aren’t aware, The Secretariat is a true story about a racehorse. Wait a second, scratch that. The Secretariat is a true story about a woman who fights the odds, stares adversity in the eyes, and lifts her race horse up to legendary status! There is no question about it that the Secretariat which is the horse’s name was one the best physical specimen’s of any horse to ever walk this planet. You might be wondering, well then how is this a movie about fighting the odds if you have the greatest horse ever!? Well, this story show cases the trials and tribulations that it took for the Secretariat to succeed with a female owner in a male dominant racing world. Don’t worry, it’s not a slow-moving sappy story/movie.

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