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The Road to Oscar is Paved With Disappointment

With the Internet a buzz over Christopher Nolan's recent Oscar snub, TMP has decided to take a look at some of the other most disappointing/mind-boggling Oscar choices over the years.

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Sunny_D4133d ago

Hell yeah I'm disappointed. I really think Leo's hard work deserved an Oscar a long time ago. But, they keep ignoring him. I feel the same for Nolan and even Johnny Depp!

JL4133d ago

I'd agree with all of those. Johnny Depp maybe a tad bit less than the other two, but I'd love to see them all get Oscars and they deserve it. I can understand DiCaprio not getting a nod for any of his work this past year. But how Nolan didn't at least get a nod for Best Director is beyond me.