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Deadwood, NYPD Blue Producer to Work on Heavy Rain Movie Adaptation

David Milch, whose credits include television shows like Deadwood, NYPD Blue and Hill Street Blues, will be adapting Playstation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain into a feature film with Warner Bros., Variety reports.

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Crazay4132d ago

If this really does get made, I hope they release it with multiple endings at different theaters like they did with Clue.

Sunny_D4132d ago

I really can't see what will make Heavy Rain different from any other Crime films. Heavy Rain was kind of inspired by Crime films, so I wouldn't see the distinction.

JL4131d ago

I can understand that, in the sense that it did get a lot more hype due to the medium it was on: games instead of movies. So the cinematic appeal of it got a bit inflated due to games not being that way all too often.

However, the story was actually well written and provides a very interesting crime thriller.

This is my problem though: I don't want a real adaptation. I mean in a sense you have to do the same story from the game or else it's not even about the game, you're just using the name. But at the same time, I already know the story from the game. And being a thriller/mystery story, it loses most of it's appeal once I know how it turns out. So you would have to/want to assume they'd stray from the story in the game. But if they stray too far you're not even in the same world as Heavy Rain, just using its name.

Maybe they'll concentrate on a different victim of the Origami Killer? Maybe how he got away (depending on how you played the game), and in the movie he'll be back at it with another victim? Of course then you lose all the other characters except the killer. Of course as long as they stay on the concept of the Origami Killer, it still has plenty of ties to the game concept. My worry there is just them needing a good writer to create as interesting a story as the writer for the game did.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see. What I know is that they game was very good. The story for it was well written. The story would've made a potentially great movie too. However, I don't want a direct adaptation now that I know how everything turns out in Heavy Rain the game.

Sunny_D4128d ago

I still haven't played the game, even though I know the story thanks to spoilers. -_- I'm still yearning to play it.