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Geek Thought of the Week: Why Should We Trust Nolan With Batman 3?

Kyle writes: Christopher Nolan’s two Batman movies, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, have seemingly done the impossible in Hollywood. Not only did they save a dead franchise from cinematic Hell (and believe me, Batman was there after rubber nipples, ice puns and a friggin’ Bat Credit Card), but they are two legitimately good films in their own right. Heck, The Dark Knight builds on the first movie in ways which are rare in most sequels. Yet we still see the third movie, The Dark Knight Rises, coming up, and we all think back to the other cinematic triumphs that should have been. Remember Spider-Man 3? Sam Raimi, coming right off of the critically acclaimed and loved by the fans Spider-Man 2, promised a huge send off to his Spider-Man story only to give us emo hair flips, jazz dance numbers and too many villains? Or Bryan Singer’s third superhero movie, Superman Returns? Singer could have been considered the Nolan of the first part of the 2000′s…until Superman Returns came out and sucked out loud.

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Crazay4178d ago

Uhmmm.....Have you seen anything else that Nolan does? The guys makes movies as epically big as his eyebrows. This is why "In Nolan We Trust" .......except for Anne Hathaway.

MaroonersRock4178d ago

I'm not too sure how much of the article you read, but Inception, Memento, and other films are mentioned. So, to answer your question, yes we have seen Nolan's movies.

UnSelf4178d ago (Edited 4178d ago )

i already hate the name of this film. "The Dark Knight Rises" are they kdding me?

they couldnt call it the Caped Crusader or The Return of The Jedi?

Crazay4178d ago

Of course I read the whole thing. I was just being a smartass. =)

Sunny_D4178d ago

If Batman 3 doesn't do as good as we hoped Nolan could have done. I think his mistake would be casting Anne Hathaway. But, we have to wait and see.

KingPin4177d ago

"In Nolan We Trust" .......except for Anne Hathaway.

i dont know why everyone is up in arms over this decision.

do you guys all think that Anne Hathaway cannot pull it off? you do realize that she still HAD to AUDITION for the part. they dint put names in a hat and randomly select one.

the only reason you guys haven't seen her in "dark" roles is coz she wasn't given the opportunity. i know she has the ability to pull this off. dont judge before you see the final performance.

everyone gave heath ledger flack and said he might not be able to pull off joker. but that was the best acting performance of the year IMO.

tunaks14178d ago

im skeptical with the choices too,

"Why Should We Trust Nolan With Batman 3"
why not?

darkdoom30004178d ago (Edited 4178d ago )

Nolan has an excellent track record.

(my personal ratings)
-Memento (7/10)
-Insomina(havent seen yet)
-The Prestigue (9/10)
-Batman Begins (8/10)
-The Dark Knight (10/10)
-Inception (9/10)

None of his movies (that I know of) have been mixed or negatively recived.

Crazyglues4178d ago (Edited 4178d ago )

Wow I didn't even know he did some of those movies...

Hell I thought Inception was pure genius... Loved that movie.. and he did Memento, OMG!! I remember watching that movie and thinking wow this is Genius, it was like some underground film I just happen to be checking out..

if he did that too then "In Nolan I Trust" because the guy is clearly amazing...

He knows what he's doing, Movies is just something this guy does really well... I'm even more pumped now for The Dark Knight Rises...

If I was going to trust anyone to do part 3 it would be only Nolan.. Just going off of his track record he's going to nail it..

ablecain4178d ago

Do we have a choice? Nobody has to trust him... Just accept it.

DlocDaBudSmoka4178d ago

idk, but to me the name 'the dark knight rises' seems like a dick joke.