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Five Biggest Snubs of the 2011 Oscar Nominees

Player Affinity writes: "Even before Tom Sherak and Mo’Nique had begun to announce the Oscar nominees, we knew that The King’s Speech would garner an impressive number of nominations.

We knew that not just because of the film’s notable awards traction thus far, but also because of how the Academy works. This prestigious group usually throws its support behind several films in particular, resulting in some buzzed-about films and performances getting left behind, or "snubbed."

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ZeroTolerance4131d ago

The True Grit snub is spot-on. She was the star of that movie. I also don't like that Nolan got snubbed, Inception was a brilliant movie.

Sunny_D4131d ago

Me too. I really think Leo deserves an Oscar. I really think he deserves one. I mean after more than 20 years in making movies. All his amazing acting would have at least got one...

Crazay4131d ago

Why should you be at all surprised there were snubs or screw ups in the nominations? I stopped caring and watching the Academy Awards years ago when American History X wasn't nominated for anything aside from Best Actor for Edward Norton (which he didn't even win).

I lost my faith in the academy long ago and don't much care about what they say.