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Hi-Def Ninja: Lebanon Blu-ray Review

Jorge writes: It’s the start of the first Lebanon war and a a paratrooper platoon and a group of soldiers inside a tank are set to stroll through a hostile town in what seems to be an easy mission. Their main objective is to get to secure a town, previously bombed by Israeli army, at the orders of Jamil (Zohar Shtrauss), but soon things don’t start to go as smooth as planned when things like inexperience begins to take toll on the mission and the soldiers inside the tank Asis (Itay Tiran), Yigal (Michael Moshonov), Shmulik (Yoav Donat), and Herz (Oshri Cohen). To make things worst they are confined inside a tank as the firefight intensifies and the panic starts to set in.

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